Materials Compliance

Materials Compliance - Cardboard Products August 2008

The paper and board used in manufacturing at M M Bell & Sons Ltd. is recyclable and in most cases biodegradable, with the exception of materials with a vinyl or similar laminate coating.

Inks used on printing matter are of a water based type. Any heavy metal content is below approved levels.

Adhesives used in the covering and lining of component parts comply with regulation 21 CFR 175-105 on the American F & DR register (indirect food additives adhesive).

In certain processes an acrylic based double sided tape is used to attach components to each other. This tape is not included in the above regulation. It is however classed as non hazardous and is odourless. In normal usage it would not come into direct contact with any contents.

We do not check as to whether materials supplied to us by our customers comply with the aforementioned and would assume they conform to the appropriate standard.

Should you require further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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